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Struts & Hibernate Questions

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Description of Struts & Hibernate Questions

It is designed for software professionals to learn interview questions of Struts & Hibernate. It almost contain all interview question from all topics which are given below

Struts :

Basics & Architecture,Request Handling Life Cycle,Configuration,Actions,Interceptors,Results,Value Stack/OGNL,Tag Libraries,XML Based Validations,Database Access.

Hibernate :

Introduction to Hibernate, ORM Overview, Hibernate Environment,Hibernate Architecture & API, Hibernate Configuration,Hibernate Sessions, Persistent Class & Mapping Files , Building Hibernate application, Hibernate Query Language (HQL),

Hibernate O/R Mappings – Collection & Association Mappings

- Many-to-One

- One-to-One

- One-to-Many

- Many-to-Many</br></br></br></br></br></br>

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